Episode 2 - The 40k Awakens

May 8, 2017

Episode 2 

This episode was before the new 40K 8th edition. We were mega excited about it. 

1:00 - Brad is introduced to the podcast

5:15 - Hobby Progress

  • Andy talks Heldrakes and his Iron Warriors tournament stuff.
  • Shaun tells us about his Fishermen Guild games and learning new tactics as he plays.
  • Brad discussed the novel Warlord and talks Orruks in AOS.

16:30 - 40K 8th Edition stuff

  • We discuss the Pyschic phase.
  • Thoughts on Smite and character specific pyschic powers. 
  • Comparisons to 7th and some of the old tropes (jink and stormshields).

24:15 - The Charge Phase

  • Command points and breaking charge tactics.
  • How the charge phase affects different armies.  

28:20 - The new background material

  • Thoughts on how the new rift that crosses the Imperium will affect the fluff and the game. 
  • We discuss the Primaris marines before we knew what they were called! 
  • 40K 8th fashion (hair metal). 

36:30 - Community changes

  • We discuss how we think the relationship between AOS and 40K players will develop when the rule sets are similar.
  • We take a positive slant on how we think a shared language (in terms of rules), will allow for a broader conversation between the two parts of the community. 
  • How having a similar ruleset allows for more community feedback and better gaming systems. 

WARNING - contains strong language, swearing and the like. Just saying. 




Episode 1 - Our First Shot of Sustained Fire!

May 8, 2017

Episode 1 Shaun and Andy talk 40k


Warning contains strong language


Episode 3 - Andys Great Day Out (40K Grand Tournament)

May 24, 2017

Hobby Progress

  • Shaun talks Vassel (online gaming tool for playing Malifaux and card based games).
  • Shaun Plays Bloodbowl.

3:45 mins 

  • Brad talks AOS, playing Stormcast twice and getting mixed results!

6:40 mins 

  • Andy talks his Iron warriors and mentions his great day out.

8:42 mins - Truimph Table get their first shout out.

  • We are jealous of their intro music...

10:15 mins - News Section

  • Guildball News. 
  • We talk the new Blacksmith team.
  • 40K news.
  • Intercessor Primaris Marines first look.
  • Death Guard first look.
  • Mark 9 armour anyone? Anyone know where it went?

32:45 mins - New 40K Fluff 

  • Blood Angels have a bug problem.
  • Dark Millennium throwback - who remembers that?
  • Dark Imperium - what does this mean?
  • 40K, its not Mary Poppins guys.

37:41 mins - Black Library Primarch Series

  • The new Primarch novel series makes Shauns life. 
  • The Thousand sons novels and Magnus. 

 39:40 mins - Malifaux

  • New Werewolf character is boss.
  • slight segway into Altered Beast (showing our age again).
  • Open beta, awesome idea. 
  • Feedback from the community and the changes this has inspired. 

43:40 mins - The 40K Tournament 

  • The Warhammer Community Team ask Andy to play on their twitch channel, how cool is that!
  • How the tournament works, rules, points and wooden spoon awards.
  • Shout outs to the peeps Andy played (only fair).
  • break down of the games over the two days.

1:13:00 mins - Sign off

  •  We chat some of the stuff we are most looking forward too 
  • We say good night 

Warning - contains strong language


Episode 4 - Not The Dip! - Warhammer Fest

June 29, 2017

Hobby Progress

00:30 mins - Andy hobby progress

  • Custodians and Sisters of Silence getting painted.
  • The Talons of the Emperor coming along.

2:13 mins - Brads hobby progress

  • Space Marines - Imperial Fists. 
  • Dettol original strips paint...who knew!
  • Imperial Fists paint scheme.

We discuss who is gonna get a Primarch after Guilleman, and what the other races might have as an equivalent.

9:00 mins - Shauns hobby progress

  • Warmachine painting. 
  • Vassel Guildball game.

21:30 mins - Warhammer Fest

  • Its in Coventry apparently...
  • Alan Bligh passes, we pay tribute to one of the greats.
  • New 40K rules for Deathguard, we break down each unit.
  • Mortarion!
  • Redemptor Dreadnoughts.

38:00 mins - We discuss the beenfits and drawbacks of the new 40K box set...briefly

  • Comparisons to the AOS box set.
  • How other box sets help por hinder buidling off the back of the starter box sets.
  • Pricing strategy, value for money.
  • Shauns buying philosophy.

46:00 mins - Horus Heresy News

  • New core rulebook for the HH?
  • Alan Bligh Tribute. 
  • Rangdan Xenocide.

53:00 mins - Warhammer Skirmish 

  • AOS Skirmish - how much dollar is it!!!
  • Whats in the book?
  • Whats the setting like.
  • How it fits in with everythign else in AOS.

1:00:00 mins - Shoutout to Alexattemptstabletop youtube channel.

  • How new hobbyists are awesome. 

1:05:00 mins - Sign off 

  • Shaun rants....be warned







Episode 5 - We delve into The Black Library

August 4, 2017
  • Hobby progress 
  • Black Library Chat with Iain Buckingham


contains strong language 


Episode 6 - second half of black library talk with Ian

September 15, 2017

contains strong language


Ep7 question time come on grab your friends

October 17, 2017

Be advised VERY strong language