Episode 2 - The 40k Awakens

May 8, 2017

Episode 2 

This episode was before the new 40K 8th edition. We were mega excited about it. 

1:00 - Brad is introduced to the podcast

5:15 - Hobby Progress

  • Andy talks Heldrakes and his Iron Warriors tournament stuff.
  • Shaun tells us about his Fishermen Guild games and learning new tactics as he plays.
  • Brad discussed the novel Warlord and talks Orruks in AOS.

16:30 - 40K 8th Edition stuff

  • We discuss the Pyschic phase.
  • Thoughts on Smite and character specific pyschic powers. 
  • Comparisons to 7th and some of the old tropes (jink and stormshields).

24:15 - The Charge Phase

  • Command points and breaking charge tactics.
  • How the charge phase affects different armies.  

28:20 - The new background material

  • Thoughts on how the new rift that crosses the Imperium will affect the fluff and the game. 
  • We discuss the Primaris marines before we knew what they were called! 
  • 40K 8th fashion (hair metal). 

36:30 - Community changes

  • We discuss how we think the relationship between AOS and 40K players will develop when the rule sets are similar.
  • We take a positive slant on how we think a shared language (in terms of rules), will allow for a broader conversation between the two parts of the community. 
  • How having a similar ruleset allows for more community feedback and better gaming systems. 

WARNING - contains strong language, swearing and the like. Just saying. 




Episode 1 - Our First Shot of Sustained Fire!

May 8, 2017

Episode 1 Shaun and Andy talk 40k


Warning contains strong language


Episode 3 - Andys Great Day Out (40K Grand Tournament)

May 24, 2017

Hobby Progress

  • Shaun talks Vassel (online gaming tool for playing Malifaux and card based games).
  • Shaun Plays Bloodbowl.

3:45 mins 

  • Brad talks AOS, playing Stormcast twice and getting mixed results!

6:40 mins 

  • Andy talks his Iron warriors and mentions his great day out.

8:42 mins - Truimph Table get their first shout out.

  • We are jealous of their intro music...

10:15 mins - News Section

  • Guildball News. 
  • We talk the new Blacksmith team.
  • 40K news.
  • Intercessor Primaris Marines first look.
  • Death Guard first look.
  • Mark 9 armour anyone? Anyone know where it went?

32:45 mins - New 40K Fluff 

  • Blood Angels have a bug problem.
  • Dark Millennium throwback - who remembers that?
  • Dark Imperium - what does this mean?
  • 40K, its not Mary Poppins guys.

37:41 mins - Black Library Primarch Series

  • The new Primarch novel series makes Shauns life. 
  • The Thousand sons novels and Magnus. 

 39:40 mins - Malifaux

  • New Werewolf character is boss.
  • slight segway into Altered Beast (showing our age again).
  • Open beta, awesome idea. 
  • Feedback from the community and the changes this has inspired. 

43:40 mins - The 40K Tournament 

  • The Warhammer Community Team ask Andy to play on their twitch channel, how cool is that!
  • How the tournament works, rules, points and wooden spoon awards.
  • Shout outs to the peeps Andy played (only fair).
  • break down of the games over the two days.

1:13:00 mins - Sign off

  •  We chat some of the stuff we are most looking forward too 
  • We say good night 

Warning - contains strong language


Episode 4 - Not The Dip! - Warhammer Fest

June 29, 2017

Hobby Progress

00:30 mins - Andy hobby progress

  • Custodians and Sisters of Silence getting painted.
  • The Talons of the Emperor coming along.

2:13 mins - Brads hobby progress

  • Space Marines - Imperial Fists. 
  • Dettol original strips paint...who knew!
  • Imperial Fists paint scheme.

We discuss who is gonna get a Primarch after Guilleman, and what the other races might have as an equivalent.

9:00 mins - Shauns hobby progress

  • Warmachine painting. 
  • Vassel Guildball game.

21:30 mins - Warhammer Fest

  • Its in Coventry apparently...
  • Alan Bligh passes, we pay tribute to one of the greats.
  • New 40K rules for Deathguard, we break down each unit.
  • Mortarion!
  • Redemptor Dreadnoughts.

38:00 mins - We discuss the beenfits and drawbacks of the new 40K box set...briefly

  • Comparisons to the AOS box set.
  • How other box sets help por hinder buidling off the back of the starter box sets.
  • Pricing strategy, value for money.
  • Shauns buying philosophy.

46:00 mins - Horus Heresy News

  • New core rulebook for the HH?
  • Alan Bligh Tribute. 
  • Rangdan Xenocide.

53:00 mins - Warhammer Skirmish 

  • AOS Skirmish - how much dollar is it!!!
  • Whats in the book?
  • Whats the setting like.
  • How it fits in with everythign else in AOS.

1:00:00 mins - Shoutout to Alexattemptstabletop youtube channel.

  • How new hobbyists are awesome. 

1:05:00 mins - Sign off 

  • Shaun rants....be warned







Episode 5 - We delve into The Black Library

August 4, 2017
  • Hobby progress 
  • Black Library Chat with Iain Buckingham


contains strong language 


Episode 6 - second half of black library talk with Ian

September 15, 2017

contains strong language


Ep7 question time come on grab your friends

October 17, 2017

Be advised VERY strong language 


Ep 8 We are back baby!!!!

January 30, 2018

The boys are back in town.


  • Firing range / catch up
  • whats new


please be advised this episode contains very strong language. 




Episode 9 its been a while

March 23, 2018


  • Firing Range 
  • New Stuff
  • Tournament Survival Guide 








i cant help stressing the strong language we use please be advised


Ep 10 double trouble

April 23, 2018

Tournment Survival Guide Continues


  • Firing Range 
  • Deepkin
  • FAQ
  • TSG

Please be advised very strong language